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we're happy to have you on board!

with the purchase of this ticket through the private link you're officially booked for our next photography adventure!

It's gonna get vintage, dreamy and lush! :)

the document that you're able to download is your ticket which is just a fill in for the full on info sheet and programme of the workshop that we're sending out to the group eventually.


your next steps include: sending us your phone number so we're able to create a whatsapp group - here we'll add more info about travel, dietary requirements etc. 

and then we will provide a travel plan from Stockholm to the house, but of course you can already get started to plan your trip to Sweden and back.

also we will coordinate things such as travel taxis/car rides together and other smaller organisational things closer to the time of the retreat and will keep you updated on anything else as they arise!

any other questions you may have till then: feel free to ask anytime.


Terms and conditions:

The ticket is transferrable, so if you for any reason can't make it you can give your ticket to someone else, but please give us details as far in advance as possible. We also need to confirm the new person taking your place and have the right to decline the person if not suitable. If we find a replacement for you then we keep 95 CHF as a service charge for our outlays, but otherwise we will refund you the rest of the money including the deposit.


In the unfortunate circumstance that you can't make it and give us notice up to 14 days prior to the start of the retreat but neither us nor yourself can find a replacement, then the deposit of 750CHF / £500 is non-refundable as it covers our basic costs of organisation, accommodation and food etc. The rest of the remaining amount will be refunded (1000CHF / £1000).


In the case of emergencies, sickness, or any other reason that is shorter than 14 days notice, and assuming it will be too late to find a replacement, then the deposit of 750CHF / £500 is non-refundable as it covers our basic costs of organisation, accommodation and food etc, plus we can only refund 50% of the remaining amount paid (500CHF/450£). We will of course try our very best to find individual solutions based on each case and situation so please do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about the Ts&Cs.

FULL TICKET - Photography retreat vol 7 in Tuscany, Italy

CHF 1'750.00Price
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