open atelier / selfportrait on film evening class

open atelier / selfportrait on film evening class

CHF 100.00Price

taking selfportraits on film it’s probably my most favourite, but also one of the more difficult things in my life, especially if you are a perfectionist with your work like me. I will teach you everything I know about shooting selfportraits on film in this evening class, starting with my own journey of finding healing in the art of selfportraits and how and why I shoot selfportraits digitally and on film, and what is the difference for me. I will go into all of the practical aspects, technicalities, gear and aids. we also have time to try out some of the teachings as well as time to answer all of your personal questions.


starting: 17:00h - ca. 21.00h


ticket price per person is 100.- CHF, limited to 10 people


(minimum 4 participants)


course language is officially in english, if everyone happens to be german, we will switch to german.