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softcover with imprint.


it has 144 pages, 72 images of which 20 are unpublished.

each chapter the sad, the light, the body and the strong are printed on their individual paper.

it portrays my photographic journey of the first 4 years of shooting.


if you want to know a bit more:


so that book… this book I’m making is .. a significant step? the biggest project since months? I don’t know how to put my words rightfully. That's maybe why it’s a photography book and therefore it tells the story through images.


when the topic of censorship came up, or more so the uncommunicated harder restrictions banning nudity on social media, I was outraged. And the more I learned about the topic the more the wish arose within me to create something real. Something that is in my control completely. No algorithms, no cropping, no censoring, no restrictions, no limits, no art as fast food, no distractions, just me. 

And my photographs. 

In the mood of protesting I had the idea to create a book around the female body, strongly focused on the censorship topic. but very quickly I realised that this project needed some more years of shooting and some more years of truly and in depth exploring the matter. 


but still I wanted to do something real and tangible. And so I thought why not make a book with the images I already had? I took photos almost daily the past 4 years and so many of them have never been printed or have existed differently than on screen. I began ordering small prints of all images I could possibly imagine ending up in my book. spread out on my floor I thought about what holds these images together. Those 4 years have been quite a journey, but somehow even the most recent photographs and the ones from the very beginning were still going together. I asked myself, writing in my journal:


I try to name it

what it is 

that glues everything together

the light

the bodies

the sad 

the strong

it’s so easy to see 

that they have something in common


and like that the chapters of the book were born. The sad, The light, The body, The strong. In that chronological order telling a story. My story. 

If I told you the book is about a heartbreak, it would not gather the whole truth. That entire thing with photography kinda gained momentum with this soul wrecking suffering. But really, it could be any reason for being in a dark place. 

But true is that my questions, my worries, my longings, my images circled (and still do partly) around love and around the pain love can bring with it.

My images and the book talk about losing a love, the weight of its absence, it talks about the things you find when life is darkest, about how the light came back bit by bit, about the bodies that are the homes of all our emotions and about how being okay with yourself is the most priceless power you can attain.


but of course, 

maybe it speaks about something else for you.

and that’s part of the beauty of imagery too.


permeable membrane - the book ♡

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