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Since a long while we felt the word "workshop" does these amazing days well spent no justice at all. we very much lacked a better word and „retreat“ is not quite it but better - for now. there is definitely something magical and un-speakable about these created experiences. and everytime I get surprised how much it truly connects people. It's my highlight of the year for sure. it involves everything I cherish: travelling, meeting new souls that refreshen my view, my inspiration, I talk about what I love most, I teach (inputs like fundamentals on film, portaiture and selfportraits on film), eat amazing meals, shoot a LOT and just genuinely having the best time. With my beautiful and talented Lena Aires as my co-teacher we focus our experience on creating a unique space for a group of people that will have not known each other before, but will grow into companions over a very short period of time; all through being connected by the same passion. Our adventures are not so much about perfect results or perfect techniques, or results as such in particular: it's about getting inspired, being motivated, connect and shoot with other creatives and ultimately sharing a passion together. Hidden from the world in a beautiful space (previously an old style Portuguese Villa in Porto, an old mansion with gigantic garden in the Normandy, up on a hill watching over Rome until the seaside, in an incredibly fun and colorful traditional spanish home and a beautiful seaside villa in Greece) we created relentlessly, let our souls rest and connect to our inner inspirations and form trust and friendships with strangers. Apart from that, at our creative weekends we are always serving tons of delicious food and do always have some specific photography inputs, exercises and fun sessions ready. Like an input about some nerdy know-how about filmphotography, one part is dedicated to our processes of shooting with other people, taking their portraits ect. and last but not least also a more in depth input about selfportraiture. All photos are impressions of the past retreats. Sweden is already sold out! but the next one is already marked in the calendars! want to know everything about it before everyone else does? send me an email to: and be on our earlybird list!


  PS: The present workshop from 13-17th June in Sweden is fully booked, but if you want to join the 7th one from 17-21st October get in touch via!

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