Chantal Convertini

Chantal Convertini, born 1992 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, is an artist and photographer. With a huge passion for film photography, she points her camera mostly at herself as well as at others.

Her work has been shown in several magazines, online interviews as well as in exhibitions in Zurich, Paris and Brooklyn, NYC.

She currently lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.


2016, Basel, figures @ group exhibition bachelor of arts

2018, Zurich, lightplays @ Photo Zürich

2019, Image Nation Paris, selfportrait with light @ Ethereal: A daily poetry 

2019, Los Angeles, series of 4 @ And I Thought About You Every Day Since 

2019, Brooklyn, NYC, Venus, 2019 @Brooklyn Hights Designer Showhouse for Mahwish Syed

2019, Image Nation Paris , selfportraits on chair, 3 series - Paris Photo Off

2020, Paris, Cen$orship exhibition

2020, Vernissage, Permeable Membrane

2021, Open Atelier Art Exhibition during the Art Basel

2021, Lora Basel

2021, Image Nation Paris, Paris Photo Off, 12-14 November - A modern Romance

2022, Image Nation Paris, curating and exhibiting for "FREE BODIES" May 27-29th


2022, ofCorse @KBHG, Basel


2017, less is more, onfilm photo

2017, interview, death before digital

2018, interview, BAZ (Basler Zeitung)

2018, interview, photologio

2018, god is a woman, sceniusgallery

2019, interview, cicadawheels

2019, shells, 2017, Emotion Magazin

2019, podcast, gangolose 

2019, interview, artcollectivemagazine

2019, interview, thephoblographer

2019, article about censorship (german), Kwerfeldein

2019, article about censorhship (english), theinsecuregirlsclub

2019, documentary, frachtwerk

2019, MysteryTribune

2020, girls, 2018, Emotion Magazin

2020, myself Magazine, Juli Ausgabe

2020, selfportrait, Emotion Magazin

2020, Osphilia

2020, PhotoSchweiz / PhotoCorona

2020, the light, Portfolio in Schaffhauser Nachrichten

2020, L'officiel México, November issue

2020, photography book, permeable membrane

2020, Lomography Interview

2020, The naked Journal

2021,, January

2021, BaeBe Interview



2021, Brigitte Schweiz, April issue

2021, Portrait in Schaffhauser Nachrichten, issue 19th May

2021, Cultura Inquieta

2021, Interview Sitre

2021, Buzzfeed interview about suspended Instagram account

2021, Zwischentext 3rd Edition "SEX"

2021, SRF Gesichter und Geschichten

2022, akut, interview on BODY

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